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Thoughts for the Sabbath of
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Yahuah Hayah's Salvation

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Hi! I'm Pastor Floyd! I wish I had a photograph of you, too, so that I could visualize to whom I am talking! But Yahuah Hayah, the Self-Existent, Eternal I AM, the Creator of the universe and King over it, knows who you are; and that's all that matters!

At this point in your participation in the service, I recommend that you go to Sabbath Ritual and participate in the prayer in which we like to engage each week, as I do each morning, to avail ourselves of Yahuah Hayah's "Power of Agreement" (Matthew 18:19) for the basic things that all of us must have each day of our lives! Although repetitious and time-consuming, doing that will bless you, the fellowship and all of His children in the universe! It is what some people call "getting prayed up"!

As for the thoughts that Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) gave me for this Sabbath, let me ask you, What is "salvation"? What does someone mean when he asks, "Are you saved?"

When people asked me, "Are you saved?", I used to ask, "Saved from what?" And that is a good question; because being "saved" is important! But we need to understand what that is about!

To me, all of life is a miracle! How Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s creation and all living things in it exist is beyond my comprehension, the more so, as scientists uncover more of life's amazingly intricate details!

In all of this incomprehensible creativity one sees an order of things; scientists call them "laws of nature"! In other words, certain things can be counted upon to function in a certain predictable way! And that tells us something about their Creator! He can be counted upon to function in certain predictable ways!

Not only is Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s predictability phenomenal in the physical realm, it is also true in how He reacts to what we, His children, do! He said, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ): "Give, and it shall be given unto you." (Luke 6:38) And, by the authority of His word in His Holy Bible, which simply reflects accurately how He performs throughout His creation, that will always be true, no matter what people suppose might be otherwise!

Some people cannot get it through their heads that the Creator and King Who made them in the amazing way that He did, with personalities, speech and minds that think extraordinary things, can and does reach out to them as the supreme Person with a personality, speech and the mind that thinks supremely awesome things, helping them to understand what works and what does not work in the awesome life He has given them; and one would think that people would see value to themselves in that divine reaching!

Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) referred to "these little ones who believe in Me" (Matthew 18:6); and, of course, as God "the Word" (John 1:1) and Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s "express image" (Hebrews 1:3), He said, "As the Father said unto Me, so I speak!" (John 12:50) So He was speaking, also, of "these little ones who believe in" the Father!

Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) said: "God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!" (John 3:16) So "these little ones who believe in" Him will "not perish but have everlasting life"; and so it appears that they were not in need of being "saved"; nothing was there in their short lives from which they needed to be saved.

But Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) spoke, also, of those "little ones" being "offended"! He said: "Whoso shall offend one of these little ones who believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea!" (Matthew 18:6) That is what He thought of anyone who would "offend one of these little ones who believe in" Him; and Strong defines the word translated "offend" as meaning "entice to sin"! (Greek: 4624)

So in Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s eyes, people who have "little ones" bear a heavy responsibility in how they influence them either to obey Yahuah's voice in their spirits or to "sin" (1st John 3:4), which is "transgression of the law", by disobeying "the voice of Yahuah, thy God, to observe and to do all His commandments" (Deuteronomy 28:1), which is what His voice always encourages His children to do!

So breaking the "commandments" of Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s Torah, law and covenant is what "offended" children do, when they have been "enticed" to do that, after which they indeed need to be "saved" from the consequences of doing that; for Yahuah said, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ), through Moses:

It shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of Yahuah, thy God, to observe to do all His commandments ... that all these curses shall come upon thee and overtake thee. (Deuteronomy 28:15()

Fifty-two verses then follow the above, describing horrible things that "come upon" those who "wilt not hearken unto the voice of Yahuah, thy God, to observe to do all His commandments"! So, to be delivered from those "horrible things" is what "saving" is about.

When we look up the word translated "observe", we find that it means to "guard"! (Strong: Hebrew: 8104) And we "guard" things on which we put value! So Yahuah's requirement is that we put a value on doing His commandments or putting our best effort into doing them, His knowing well that His faulty children cannot do them perfectly! Can anything be more reasonable?

So the "saving" part is for those who for whatever reason choose not be reasonable toward their Creator, which is what the "offended" child does, who has been "enticed to sin" or given some reason to ignore Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s voice and commandments!

That enticement takes every form imaginable, usually beginning with little things that one might suppose are "no big deal" in Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s eyes; but what the unsuspecting child does not understand is that the size of the sin has nothing at all to do with the eternal result of it.

One is judged for violating Yahuah or one of His children; and that does relate to the "size" of the transgression; Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) said: "With the same measure that ye mete withal, it shall be measured to you again!" (Luke 6:38)

That is true; because "the judgments of Yahuah are true and righteous altogether"! (Psalm 19:9) But it has nothing to do with one's "salvation", which is the enjoyment or loss of one's place in Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s kingdom, whether on Earth or in Heaven!

Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) said: "If I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you." (Luke 11:20); and "The kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

Indeed, there is "the kingdom of Heaven"! (Matthew 5:20) But we become a part of that kingdom while still on Earth for participating in obedience to Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s Torah and covenant, which is the law of His kingdom. That is what Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) meant by having His disciples pray: "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven!" (Matthew 6:10)

Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) told His disciples: "Rejoice not that the spirits are subject unto you; but, rather, rejoice because your names are written in Heaven!" (Luke 10:20)

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) said, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ), through His beloved apostle John: "He who overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment! And I will not blot his name out of the Book of Life! But I will confess his name, before My Father and before His angels!" (Revelation 3:5)

So the salvation of any child of Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) is a glorious thing to behold! And it starts the minute the child observes, guards or puts a value on the commandments of Yahuah's Torah, law and covenant! So, if you are walking in darkness, why not cause your salvation to start now?

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s entire creation exists now! What has gone before is only a memory! And what has yet to happen has yet to happen! So "now" is all that any of us have in which to do whatever we choose to do. So, if you are walking in darkness, now is the only time you will ever have in which to change that darkness into the light of the face of Him Who created you and Who loves you passionately!

I pray that this information I have given you is true in Yahuah Hayah's sight, that it can be stored in your spirit for great and beneficial use to you as the days go by and that we might hear from you now and then as you find it working its wonders in your life!

Father, by my "faith in God"! (Mark 11:22) I "speak" (Mark 11:23), to your children, and command that they be given the knowledge and understanding of Your salvation!

I rejoice (John 15:11) that you are faithful to fulfill your children's powerful use of their "dominion ... over every living thing that moveth upon the Earth"! (Genesis 1:28) I know you answered this prayer, in ha Kodesh Ruach, your Holy Spirit, the moment I said it; and I believe I "receive" (Mark 11:24) a family of brothers and sisters who are rejoicing over the wonderful blessings and eternal life they are enjoying as people who have received Your salvation!

I pray that Yahuah Hayah shall bless you mightily, throughout the coming week, and that you will realize in your heart how important you are to the ministry that He has given to Faith Harvest Israel to see that His truth is learned, believed and carried out by all His children throughout the world, so many of whom are in such desperate need of it, not to mention our ministry of practical helps for the disadvantaged!

Amen! Alleluia!

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