Thoughts for the Sabbath of 2015 August 8

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Thoughts for the Sabbath of
2015 August 8

Yeshua's Cross

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Hi! I'm Pastor Floyd! I wish I had a photograph of you, too, so that I could visualize to whom I am talking! But Yahuah Hayah, the Self-Existent, Eternal I AM, the Creator of the universe and King over it, knows who you are; and that's all that matters!

At this point in your participation in the service, I recommend that you go to Sabbath Ritual and participate in the prayer in which we like to engage each week, as I do each morning, to avail ourselves of Yahuah Hayah's "Power of Agreement" (Matthew 18:19) for the basic things that all of us must have each day of our lives! Although repetitious and time-consuming, doing that will bless you, the fellowship and all of His children in the universe! It is what some people call "getting prayed up"!

As for the thoughts that Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) gave me for this Sabbath, recent events in our ministry have brought, to me, a whole new appreciation of what Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach's (the Messiah's or Christ's) cross represents!

Followers of Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) from the city of Kisii in Kenya of East Africa requested that they be affiliated with Faith Harvest Israel, who, immediately upon our lovingly accepting them, revealed themselves to be in desperate poverty, drinking tea in the absence of food and needing a hospital bill of 323 dollars paid to free the mother of the primary family involved from being a prisoner of the hospital until it is paid, she being kept without meals while breast feeding the infant delivered by the hospital, which threatens the baby's life, if the mother's milk is not kept with the nourishment the baby needs by which to get her start in life.

Unable to absorb this picture as actually happening in the world of today, I contacted the hospital keeping the mother and was met with stoney silence, in answer to my questions concerning her, which implies to me that the hospital knows it is violating human rights in its conduct and is reluctant to make any statement concerning it.

The entire matter of "debtor's imprisonment" having been opened up to me - by Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM), I am sure - I researched that social phenomenon on the Internet, discovering that what I thought was something encountered only in ancient times, as we see in the bible, is in practice to this day, under one or another argument or "justification" for it.

As with disease, one's becoming subject to debt and to the consequences of it enters a fast escalating set of complications, which, if it is not soon offset by some saving circumstance, can and does destroy the debtor!

In Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) Torah through Moses, His impressive list of curses awaiting those who "wilt not hearken unto the voice of Yahuah, thy God, to observe to do all His commandments" (Deuteronomy 28:15) includes both disease and want of the necessities of life! (Verses 16 through 68) And, since the number of people in the world who have stopped listening to Yahuah's voice is many, one is far more likely to encounter such cursed people as he is those who are enjoying His blessings, which forces those who are blessed to decide how to handle their cursed neighbors or behave toward them.

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) is clear, on that matter, having commanded, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ): "44 Love your enemies! Bless them who curse you; do good to them who hate you; and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you, 45 that ye may be the children of your Father Who is in Heaven! For He maketh His sun to rise, on the good and on the evil, and sendeth rain, on the just and on the unjust!" (Matthew 5:44)

That commandment amounts to Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) requiring that His children serve the needs of their neighbor regardless of how he may be treating them; and His reward to Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) for His laying down His life in letting wicked men crucify Him was to raise Him up, a gloriously resurrected man!

Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) told His disciples:

As My Father hath sent Me, even so send I you! (John 20:21)

Whosoever doth not bear his cross and come after Me, cannot be My disciple! (Luke 14:27)

32 If ye love them who love you, what thank have ye? For sinners also love those who love them. 33 If ye do good to them who do good to you, what thank have ye? For sinners also do even the same! 34 And, if ye lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, what thank have ye? For sinners also lend to sinners, to receive as much again! (Luke 6:32 to 34)

In commanding Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) to lay down His life, Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) was asking Him to give, for all their children to see, the ultimate demonstration of His Father's way of treating others! And the teachings He gave through Yeshua prepared them to understand the far reaching ramifications of that way.

People in the world, who have long stopped listening to Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) voice in their hearts, have lost track of His way of loving another regardless of how the other is behaving! When they do something for a neighbor, they regard that giving as an investment! They expect an immediate return on it; and they have devised any number of methods by which to force the neighbor to pay them, one of which is the imprisonment for debt with which I began this sermon.

The obvious fact that imprisonment destroys one's ability to get the money by which to pay his debt has never bothered those who have used that method; in their twisted consciences revenge is as good as payment! And the cruelty inherent in such conduct has been repeatedly fought, over the centuries, by the champions for human rights who are, essentially, Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) servants!

But, once that method is abandoned, one is faced with how to collect his neighbor's debt to him; and, when one gets right down to understanding Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) economy, efforts to collect from neighbors who owe one a debt become irrelevant to His way, which is to guarantee by His methods, not those of the vendor, the return of His children's giving!

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) said, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ): "Give, and it shall be given unto you." (Luke 6:38) So what need is there to devise cruel methods of forcing payment of debts, when the Creator of all and King over it has guaranteed, by the honor of His word, that anything given by a child of His will be returned to him, one way or another?

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) wrote, through His psalmist: "The judgments of Yahuah are true and righteous altogether!" (Psalm 19:9) His "judgments" are the rewards and punishments that He gives, according to what His children have done! So, with His perfect judgment's being a constant fact in His children's economy, what need exists for them to devise ways by which to "judge" others according to what they have done or failed to do?

A few years after Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach's (the Messiah's or Christ's) enemies had done their worst to Him, their entire city was taken from them and burned to the ground, while they were killed or taken into captivity! That is, simply, the way Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) works! Why fight it? Why not simply go along with it?

So taking up one's "cross" is, simply, an obedience to Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) to leave judgment in His able hands! He said, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ): "Judge not, that ye be not judged!"

It is ironic to observe that the most notorious examples of presentday debtor's imprisonment is that perpetrated by the "justice" systems of various countries of the world, the obvious fact being that, by the nature of their business, they are able, in the courts that are necessarily a part of it, to order the imprisonments presumably forcing debtors to pay their debts!

But, instead of debtors to the justice system being made to pay, almost invariably, the imprisonment for forced payment of a debt simply "justifies" the prison system of that country, grievously perpetuating it and destroying with it the lives of untold thousands of Yahuah Hayah's beloved children, who had no way of paying their debt in the first place and far less of a way while being kept behind bars! He wrote, through His apostle:

21 Christ ... suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow His steps! 22 Who did no sin; neither was guile found in His mouth! 23 Who, when He was reviled, reviled not again; when He suffered, He threatened not but committed Himself to Him Who judgeth righteously!(1st Peter 2:21 to 23)

This commitment of one's affairs "to Him Who judgeth righteously" is what being "sent" by Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) as His Father "sent" (John 20:21) Him is about! It is the adoption of Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) amazing ecomony, which does not demand repayment for services rendered or for goods provided; it relies upon His guaranteed return to the child of His who gives anything to another! (Luke 6:38)

In the light of this revelation, can we not see the awesome wisdom inherent in Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) ultimate judgment, when He will say, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ), to those who have provided for the practical needs of their neighbors, "Come, ye blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world!" (Matthew 25:34) And to those who have failed to provide such things for their neighbors, He will say, through Yeshua: "Depart, from Me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the Devil and his angels!" (Verse 41)

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM), Who created us and put us on Earth, in a physical environment where provisions are the necessities of life, is the first to understand that the provider of services and goods must live! And He has no problem with the provider's asking for compensation; He said, "Ask, and ye shall receive!" (John 16:24)

In the light of this provision, one's "asking price" takes on a whole new meaning! It is, merely, the communication of what the provider would like to receive for his goods or services to keep functioning! But it leaves, in Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) hands, what the receiver of the goods or services does about the asking price. If he cannot pay for them, they are given anyway, "hoping for nothing" (Luke 6:35), again leaving in Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) hands the perfect justice He promises for those who "give"! (Luke 6:38)

I'll bet you never expected that a sermon on "Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach's (the Messiah's or Christ's) cross" would become a quick course on economics! But, whether one realizes it or not, that is what is involved with His cross; it is perfect reliance on "Him Who judgeth righteously"! (1st Peter 2:21 to 23) And that amazing "judgment" (Psalm 19:9) relates to every aspect of one's life on Earth!

When we start out under the loving care of parents, we receive what we need, our parents "hoping for nothing again" (Luke 6:35) except in the general sense of parents' knowing that children are an immeasurable blessing! But, then, we are thrust into a world where everything is given by measure with not only a hope but a demand for recompense, the goods or services being withheld from any who cannot pay for them; and, within the scope of that demanding economy, the problems we have discussed in this sermon become grievous indeed and a burden that has plagued the world for thousands of years!

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) said, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ): "31 If ye continue in My word, then are ye My disciples indeed! 32 Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!" (John 8:31 and 32)

That saying has been continually applied to one's salvation from the "death" and "cursing" (Deuteronomy 30:19) that await those who "wilt not hearken unto the voice of Yahuah, thy God, to observe to do all His commandments"! (Deuteronomy 28:15) But my hope is that you will ever more appreciate the practical aspects of our life on Earth to which it also applies.

I pray that this information I have given you is true in Yahuah Hayah's sight, that it can be stored in your spirit for great and beneficial use to you as the days go by and that we might hear from you now and then as you find it working its wonders in your life!

Father, by my "faith in God"! (Mark 11:22) I "speak" (Mark 11:23), to Your children, and command that they be given the knowledge and understanding of You by which to appreciate Your absolutely just but merciful economy!

I know you answered this prayer, in ha Kodesh Ruach, Your Holy Spirit, the moment I said it; so I believe I "receive" (Mark 11:24) even now a family of brothers and sisters who are rejoicing in their faithful reliance upon Your perfect justice and their liberty in obedience to your commandment: "Freely ye have received, freely give!"! (Matthew 10:8)

I pray that Yahuah Hayah shall bless you mightily, throughout the coming week, and that you will realize in your heart how important you are to the ministry that He has given to Faith Harvest Israel to see that His truth is learned, believed and carried out by all His children throughout the world, so many of whom are in such desperate need of it.

Amen! Alleluia!

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