Thoughts for the Sabbath of 2017 February 18

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Thoughts for the Sabbath of
2017 February 18

Yahuah Hayah's Reality

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Hi! I'm Pastor Floyd! I wish I had a photograph of you, too, so that I could visualize to whom I am talking! But Yahuah Hayah, the Self-Existent, Eternal I AM, Creator of All and King over it, knows who you are; and that's all that matters!

At this point in your participation in the service, I recommend that you go to Sabbath Ritual and participate in the prayer in which we like to engage each week, as I do each morning, to avail ourselves of Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) "Power of Agreement" (Matthew 18:19) for the basic things that all of us must have each day of our lives! Although repetitious and time-consuming, doing that will bless you, the fellowship and all of His children throughout His creation! It is what some people call "getting prayed up"!

As for the thoughts that Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) gave me for this Sabbath, Howard Storm wrote: "My experience with Heaven and Hell showed me that there is a vastly greater reality than what I had previously known. The religious mysteries direct us toward the true nature of reality that we are unaware of. Religion opens our mind and spirit to the greater reality. When we face the mysteries of our existence, we can surrender our ego and begin to experience more of the greater reality!" (Paragraph 233, 32210200 Howard Storm's Gospel)

Why are we "unaware of" "the true nature of reality"? I believe it is because it lies beyond the physical creation called Earth, in which we mortals move and have our being! Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) said: "God is a Spirit." (John 4:24) And for some of us who have lost track of where we came from, He is that missing "reality"! And, His being "Spirit", only the spirit part of us can communicate with Him.

Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) added to His statement: "and they who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth!" (Verse 24)

If the spirit part of us was as active as it should be, we could see God, or at least Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ), Who is the part of Him Who is His "Express Image"! (Hebrews 1:3) But with our having moved away from Him, as little children do who are "offended" (Matthew 18:6) or tempted to stop believing that which is "in spirit and in truth", the only thing left to us is His voice, which the world calls our "conscience" (Hebrews 9:9 and 14) or our sense of right and wrong!

Knowing the spiritual limitations that His physical children suffer, Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) offers them His "blessings" (Deuteronomy 28:1) based upon their hearkening "diligently unto the voice of Yahuah, thy God, to observe and to do all His commandments "! (Verse 1)

Our "conscience" is the voice in our spirit that says: "Do this!" or "Don't do that." And it fascinates me that Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) offer of "blessings" to His children are based upon their hearkening to that voice! It is the "conscience" that tells us "Do this!" or "Don't do that." in accord with the commandments of His Torah or law through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) through Moses!

My visits with the atheist I know are ongoing; and in our latest visit he pressed in to learn from me why I insisted that I have a relationship with this God Who as far as he is concerned does not exist! My answer was that "this God" tells me what to do! And, when I do it, I am consistently blessed, the result being that I live with His joy in my heart, that simply knowing He is there, not only giving me the breath of life each moment of my day but looking after my every need is comforting to me beyond describing! And He has this uncanny way of drawing my attention to the clock at each passing of the hour, when the minute hand of my watch is straight up on 12 or the digital clock in my car is showing 2 zeros, for the minutes! And, when He does this, I worship Him and praise Him for being so consistently good to me.

This is the "reality" in which I move; and, when Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) sends back a son of His from visiting Him in Heaven, I am enthralled to hear of what the true "reality" of my God consists! Howard Storm wrote:

063 Off in the distance, far, far away, I saw a vast area of illumination that looked like a galaxy. In the center was an enormously bright concentration of light. Outside the center, countless millions of spheres of light were flying about, entering and leaving that great concentration of light at the center! ... These “stars” were all in motion in relation to the center. They were moving toward or away from the brilliant white center of the universe!

064 As we approached, still a vast distance away, I was permeated with tangible intense feelings and thoughts of love. While moving toward the presence of the great light, center of all being, The One, I was beyond thought. It is not possible to articulate what occurred. Simply, I knew that God loved me, that God loved creation, that God is love. This experience of love totally changed my life from the inside out. No matter what happened, I would always know that God loves me. (Paragraphs of 063 and 064 of 32210200 Howard Storm's Gospel)

How can one help but be grateful for such glowing accounts of what being in Heaven is like? I praise God for them; and we learn, from them, that God is not only the "reality" that lies beyond our physical senses, He "is love"! (1st John 4:8) and being near Him embraces us with His love.

As well as the "reality" of what Heaven is like, we also have the "reality" of what Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) wants us to do in this life on Earth to prepare us for Heaven! For, as Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ)'s prayer teaches us, He wants us to pray: "Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven!" (Matthew 6:10) But of what does that "will" consist?

I am sure you know that Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah's (I AM's) will "in Earth" is quite other than what the world teaches us, which would have us fight for our own way and never mind who gets hurt in the process! In stark contrast to that selfishness, Yahuah has taught us through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) that we are to "love one another ... as I have loved you" (John 13:34)!

So how did Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) love us? He loved us so much that He let us do with Him whatever we wanted! And, what is astounding is that we wanted Him dead! So we had the Romans crucify Him, which is the most cruel form of death ever devised!

So what was the point of Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach's (the Messiah's or Christ's) letting us do that to Him? And why does He want us who are following Him let our enemies do their worst against us? He said, to His disciples: "As My Father hath sent Me, even so send I you!" (John 20:21)

That is the "reality" of following Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ), which defies the logic of people in the world, who know only of protecting their own interests! So why are we commanded to lay our own interests aside and do only what pleases our neighbor - yes, even our "enemies"! (Matthew 5:44)

The only sense I can make of bearing your cross and following Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) (Luke 14:27) is that what He accomplished by bearing His cross was pleasing to Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) and that He therefore wants that ministry of the cross continued! He said: "I am ... come to call ... sinners to repentance!" (Matthew 9:13); and Yahuah wrote, through His author: "How much more shall the blood of Christ ... purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?" (Hebrews 9:14)

So each time we permit an enemy of ours to have his way with us, we "call" him to "repentance"! And that encourages him to do what saves him; and, loving His children intensely, Yahuah wants them saved, even the worst of them. Howard Storm wrote: 218b - "When we love, we experience God. God loves everything passionately" (Paragraph 218b 32210200 Howard Storm's Gospel), which is understandable; He created everything; everything is an extension or expression of Himself!

In loving what He has created, including us, God is, simply, loving Himself! So is it any wonder that His commandment for us to love our neighbor includes, "as thyself"! (Leviticus 19:18) Brother Howard Storm wrote:

150 - The love of God, the love of neighbor and the love of self are inseparable parts of a whole that cannot be divided. Without the love of God, there cannot be true love of another. It is only through the overarching Spirit of God that one can love another person. Love comes from God, and relationships not grounded in the love of God are based on the exploitation of other people. Only through the love of God can we see the true value and beauty of another person.

151 - It is impossible to love another person unless we love ourselves. Without the love of God, it is impossible to love ourselves because every human being is aware of their flawed nature and sinfulness. We can find ourselves truly lovable only by receiving the love that our Creator has for us. When there is no love of God, there is only the counterfeit love of narcissism, which is a gross attempt to prove ourselves lovable. The only authentic love in this world is achieved when there is a balance between love of God, love of neighbor and love of self. (Paragraphs 150 and 151 of 32210200 Howard Storm's Gospel)

So the "reality" of God and His love are, virtually, two sides of the same coin! One cannot have one without the other! He based His "blessings" on hearkening to His voice, "to observe and to do all His commandments"! (Deuteronomyi 28:1) But Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) said: "On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets!" (Matthew 22:40) And what are those two commandments? to love God and one's neighbor! (Verses 37 to 39)

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) wrote, through James: "If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well!" (James 2:8) Please notice that to so love is to "fulfil the royal law according to the scripture"! It's all about love; and the only love that counts is that which comes from God!

The above being true, no true marriage exists without being based on God's love! So attempts by men and women to live together without God as the sponsor of their relationship are engaging in an exercise of futility! If you wonder why your marriage is not what it should be, get God into it.

But how does one "get God" into anything? The answer is simple! Merely ask Him to come into what you are trying to accomplish; Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) said: "7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find! Knock, and it shall be opened unto you. 8 For every one who asketh receiveth; and he who seeketh findeth! And to him who knocketh it shall be opened!" (Matthew 7:7 and 8)

So, if getting God into one's life and relationships is so simple, why do people think it is so complicated?

I believe it is because Satan, the enemy of us all, has made it seem complicated, by tempting people to add their own rules to the commandments that God has put forth in His Torah or law! The Jews did this; and Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) said, to them: "In vain they do worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men!" (Matthew 15:9)

The word translated "doctrine" means "instruction"! (Strong: Greek: 1319) So, if we are not to "instruct" one another by our "commandments", the only "commandments" that are not ours are God's! So in that saying Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) has brought us back to keeping or putting a value on His commandments, which are God's commandments; for He said: "49 I have not spoken of Myself; but the Father Who sent Me, He gave Me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak! 50 And I know that His commandment is life everlasting!" (John 12:49 and 50)

I pray that this information I have given you is true in Yahuah Hayah's sight, that it can be stored in your spirit for great and beneficial use to you as the days go by and that we might hear from you now and then as you find it working its wonders in your life!

Father, by my "faith in God"! (Mark 11:22) I "speak" (Mark 11:23), to your children, and command that they be given the knowledge and understanding of the amazing love of which your reality consists!

I rejoice (John 15:11) that you are faithful to fulfill your children's powerful use of their "dominion ... over every living thing that moveth upon the Earth"! (Genesis 1:28) I know you answered this prayer, in ha Kodesh Ruach, your Holy Spirit, the moment I said it; and I believe I "receive" (Mark 11:24) a family of brothers and sisters who are rejoicing in their realization of Your reality and love!

I pray that Yahuah Hayah shall bless you mightily, throughout the coming week, and that you will realize in your heart how important you are to the ministry that He has given to Faith Harvest Israel to see that His truth is learned, believed and carried out by all His children throughout the world, so many of whom are in such desperate need of it.

Amen! Alleluia!

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