Thoughts for the Sabbath of 2018 March 31

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Thoughts for the Sabbath of
2018 March 31

The Grateful Heart

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Hi! I'm Pastor Floyd! I wish I had a photograph of you, too, so that I could visualize to whom I am talking! But Yahuah Hayah, the Self-Existent, Eternal I AM, Creator of the universe and King over it, knows who you are; and that's all that matters!

At this point in your participation in the service, I recommend that you go to Sabbath Ritual and participate in the prayer in which we like to engage each week, as I do each morning, to avail ourselves of Yahuah Hayah's "Power of Agreement" (Matthew 18:19) for the basic things that all of us must have each day of our lives! Although repetitious and time-consuming, doing that will bless you, the fellowship and all of His children in the universe! It is what some people call "getting prayed up"!

As for the thoughts that Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) gave me for this Sabbath, scientists have learned that the person whose heart is full of love and gratitude functions well, with growth and immune systems doing well what they are intended to do, while the person whose heart is full of resentment or the fear of what has caused the resentment fails to grow and becomes open to disease! So a challenge that faces all of us is to overcome resentment and find reasons to be grateful!

The ultimate reason for each one of us to be grateful and to love the source of that gratitude has been in place for each of us, since Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) separated a part of His Spirit, gave it a will of its own and allowed it to function as you and me! And that ultimate reason is His presence throughout His creation and in us as our wonderful and loving Creator and King!

I believe that Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) communicates to each one of us the knowledge of Himself as He puts us into our mother's womb! He wrote, through His psalmist: "I was cast upon Thee from the womb! Thou art my God from my mother's belly!" (Psalm 22:10) He referred, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ), to "these little ones who believe in Me"! (Matthew 18:6) And one cannot believe in someone whom he does not know!

But, as we grow older and are exposed to the thoughts, habits and customs of the world, our knowledge of Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) is soon overwhelmed; and we forget what we once knew about Him, our amazing Creator! And we open up to any number of thoughts, habits and customs that are contrary to Him and to His magnificent and loving nature!

So, our thoughts and the words that express them being the powerful movers of things in and around us that they are, things start going wrong; and we wonder why!

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s being the loving Creator of us that He is, He has reached out, to us, through prophets and through people in our environment who know Him, to help us find our way back to our original knowledge of Him and to our ear for His voice in our hearts, so that we can again function as we once did, perfectly in accord with His will for us and therefore open to His blessings and rewards and our place in His kingdom! He taught, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ), His disciples to pray:

Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven! (Matthew 6:10)

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s prophets, psalmists and apostles have written about Him; and we have some of those writings in the book we call His Holy Bible! But other writings have been included in that bible, contradicting His part in it and throwing confusion into the minds of people trying to learn from it; so we are faced with the challenge of sorting all that out, as well!

But Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s promise through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) is that ha Kodesh Ruach, His "Spirit of truth" (John 14:17; 16:13) "will guide you into all truth" (Verse 13); and He is faithful to carry out what He has promised, for those of us who love Him and have done what He requires for one to have His Spirit.

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s requirement to have His Spirit is for one to "keep My commandments"! (John 14:15) And, throughout His bible, the words "keep" and "observe" are translations of both Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek words meaning to "guard" (Strong: Hebrew: 8104; Greek: 5083) or put a value on.

So those of us who have guarded or put a value on the commandments of Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s Torah, law and covenant can be assured that He will indeed guide us into His truth! He said, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ): "31If ye continue in My word, then are ye My disciples indeed! 32And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!" (John 8:31 and 32)

To further complicate things, Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) has permitted Satan, a fallen archangel, to roam "to and fro in the Earth" (Job 1:7), deceiving whomever he can! Yahuah said, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ), of "the Devil ... there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it."! (John 8:44)

So we not only have our own willfulness to curb, in seeking a way of life that will benefit us, we also have a concerted effort by Satan, a spiritual enemy of Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) and of us, His children, to get us to believe everything other than Yahuah's truth, which is the only dependable guide we have for establishing ourselves in His "way ... truth ... and ... life" (John 14:6), in which are His "shield and ... exceedingly great reward"! (Genesis 15:1)

This search that all of us conducts in one way or another is about what to believe! Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) said, through Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ): "have faith in God"! (Mark 11:22) But that is oftentimes difficult to do, when we have been told so many disturbing and confusing things about Him, with the help not only of people in the world but of people in His church and even the writers presumably of "holy scripture" or the record, presumably, of Yahuah's words to His children! He said, through Yeshua:

I tell you the truth; but ye believe Me not! (John 8:10)

Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) told the father of a possessed boy: "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him who believeth! (Mark 9:23) The father replied: "Lord, I believe! Help Thou mine unbelief! (Verse 24)

Another time, Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) said: "This is the work of God, that ye believe on Him Whom He hath sent! (John 6:23) And, sometimes, that believing is the hardest work we ever set out to do! But I can personally attest to the fact that it is the most rewarding work we ever do; because, when we move toward Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM), He moves toward us! And the meeting that ensues is glorious beyond belief, which leads into the gratitude in our heart that is what this sermon is about.

Job showed a willingness to judge Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) as unfair while he was suffering! He said: "17 He breaketh me, with a tempest, and multiplieth my wounds, without cause. 18 He will not suffer me to take my breath, but filleth me with bitterness!" (Job 9:17 and 18)

But that willingness to judge Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) as unfair, which was the source of Job's "bitterness", was the reason why he was suffering in the first place. He had lost track of the wonder of creation and of his place in it and had allowed his heart to wander into the fears and apprehensions that plague people of the world, who have opened themselves up to the lying spirits of Satan who prey upon humans who are not sufficiently grounded in Yahuah's truth to keep their bearings!

Yahuah's way of dealing with Job was to ask him: "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the Earth?" (Job 38:4) To be reminded of the astounding greatness and complexity of creation is the starting point from which we arrive at the gratitude that is the only feeling that is appropriate in relation to our amazing Creator and King! It is the reason why He "inhabitest the praises of Israel"! (Psalm 22:3) And our praises of Him are the only expressions left to us, when we behold not only His greatness and wonder but His lovingkindness and mercy! He wrote, through His psalmist: "Yahuah is good! His mercy is everlasting! And His truth endureth to all generations!" (Psalm 100:5!

Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) said: "I am the way, the truth and the life! No man cometh unto the Father but by Me!" (John 14:6) And Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) wrote, through His psalmist: "Thy law is the truth." (Psalm 119:142) and "All Thy commandments are truth." (Psalm 119:151) And Yeshua said:

To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. (John 8:37)

But Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ) submitted Himself to the hands of His enemies, who scourged and killed Him. Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) raised Him up a gloriously resurrected man! But the fact of what we, Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM)'s beloved children, were willing to do to Him will shame us for all eternity, taking the starch out of our presumptuousness to suppose that we are "good" and "above reproach" in our own right! Yeshua said:

There is none good but One, that is, God! (Matthew 19:17)

I, personally, am grateful that we have a God Who is good in every way imaginable! And with such a God as my constant companion, ever guiding me "into all truth" (John 16:13), which includes His will for me, right down to every move to make throughout my day, I am a happy man!

Yahuah (Self-Existent, Eternal) Hayah (I AM) Yeshua (Jesus) ha Mawshiyach (the Messiah or Christ)

I pray that this information I have given you is true in Yahuah Hayah's sight, that it can be stored in your spirit for great and beneficial use to you as the days go by and that we might hear from you now and then as you find it working its wonders in your life!

Father, by my "faith in God"! (Mark 11:22) I "speak" (Mark 11:23), to your children, and command that they be given the knowledge and understanding by which to be grateful to You at all times!

I rejoice (John 15:11) that you are faithful to fulfill your children's powerful use of their "dominion ... over every living thing that moveth upon the Earth"! (Genesis 1:28) I know you answered this prayer, in ha Kodesh Ruach, your Holy Spirit, the moment I said it; so I believe that I "receive" (Mark 11:24) even now a family of brothers and sisters who are rejoicing over the wonderful blessings and eternal life in your awesome presence that being grateful to You brings upon them!

I pray that Yahuah Hayah shall bless you mightily, throughout the coming week, and that you will realize in your heart how important you are to the ministry that He has given to Faith Harvest Israel to see that His truth is learned, believed and carried out by all His children throughout the world, so many of whom are in such desperate need of it, not to mention our ministry of practical helps for the disadvantaged!

Amen! Alleluia!

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